About me

Attila Pozsgai 

As a leather worker, I inherited the love of my profession from my ancestors. My main profile is my own handmade hunting products and accessories and I have a significant experience in all areas of leather goods range. High quality is my main priority, that is why quality control between the various work phases during production is essential. My products are made for both domestic and foreign orders. Among my cooperating partners several manufacturers of raw materials and accessories of impeccable quality can be listed. You can count on me in the materialization of your exclusive and unique ideas, but you can also find plenty of exciting pieces in my reference works.

I also take orders from your own materials, e.g. leather left over after making a trophy. Several matching accessories are available for each product. 

+36 [harminc] – 306 – 09 – 35

huntart-exclusive [kukac] gmail.com